How To: Link With Pokemon In Pokemon Conquest

Posted June 22, 2012 by in How To

Headline:: How To: Link With Pokemon In Pokemon Conquest

We explain how to link with a Pokemon in Pokemon Conquest.

by Jason Moquin
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After you’ve tracked down your Pokemon Conquest passwords and entered them the last step is to link with a Pokemon.

Here’s how.

1. Enter the kingdom that has the Pokemon you’re looking for.

2. Select the character you want to link with the Pokemon.

3. Approach the Pokemon you want to link with until you are directly beside them.

4. You’ll now have three options, attack, move, and link.

5. Select link

6. You’ll enter a mini game where yellow globes pass from left to right and you have to press A at the right moment. The more times you hit A at the right moment the closer you’ll get to linking with that Pokemon. It may take repeated tries.

7. Once you link with a Pokemon remember to save your game.

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