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by Jason MoquinJune 26, 2012

[box_alert]There’s Spoilers ahead, if you’re interested in not spoiling anything in Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut then do not read any further.[/box_alert]

So today’s the big day, Bioware’s free DLC hits and everyone is firing up their console or PC to play Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and check out the ending.

Well we played through all 4 endings and here’s how to get them.

Ending 1. The Control ending: In order to get this ending you must take the path to the left. In this ending Shepard dies and becomes one with the universe as he gains control over the Reapers and everything they do.

Ending 2. The Destruction ending: In order to get this ending you must take the path to the right. In this ending Shepard destroys all synthetic life in the galaxy.

Ending 3. The Synthesis ending: In order to get this you must travel straight forward towards the beacon. In this ending Shepard gives up his own life so that all life forms in can reach the pinnacle of their evolution, there is no longer organic and synthetic, just one kind of life form.

Ending 4. The No Choice ending: In this ending you must turn down all of the choices you are given. Don’t like the choices you’re given? Turn them all down and watch how it plays out.


What did you think of the ending? Post about it in the comments below.

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