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We’re Relaunching, So There’s That…

by Jason MoquinJanuary 21, 2015

“Why the relaunch?”

Glad you asked random stranger! It comes down to two main things…

  1. The site lost a ton of content (reviews, news, articles) because of technical problems in the last year.
  2. Even when everything was going full speed ahead the site was missing a personal touch, an “it” factor.

“What’s different this time?”

Another great question asked by another random stranger!

PanicGamer is going to be doing everything it did before, reviews, articles, and news. What’s going to be different is it’s going to have a lot more of me this time around. I suffer from panic disorder and anxiety, PanicGamer was born from my experiences so I am going to show more of how someone like me deals with, well…everything.

The biggest change is a blog area that will be the main content area. When I write an article it will go in the blog section. When I get news that I feel is worth sharing it will be in the blog section. The blog section will also have stuff that is just on my mind, sometimes it will be game related stuff, sometimes it will have nothing to do with gaming.

“So everything is in the blog from now on?”

It’s amazing how many considerate strangers are coming along to help me with this…

There will still be a dedicated review area as well as a quick look and how to area. If the site needs more dedicated areas they will be added as we need them. The site is going to be very organic from this point forward.

Also I’ll be streaming regularly on Twitch at and more videos will be showing up on the site’s YouTube channel panicgamerdotcom.

“It’s only you from now on?”

Wow, lots of strangers in here. Pretty sure that’s ADT’s original slogan “too many strangers in your house? We can help…”

When it comes to content I’m going to shoulder most of the responsibilities. That being said I’m always interested in helping others let their voice be heard. There will continue to be other writers adding content to the site.

Even though I’m relaunching the site it’s core values remain the same. I’m trying to help, inform, and entertain people with what I do here. This site was never meant for one certain kind of person, I’m hoping most people will be interested in something here, gaming related or not.


Jason Moquin
Oh this is where I get to say something about myself like I was captain of the debate team or that I was once king of Prussia. Well games, let's throw games in there, and I like sports, and comics, and animated things, mostly Japanese giant robots, oh and pasta, big fan of pasta. You know all shapes taste different? Each one has a distinctive bite and holds the sauce differently. A lot of people are like "PASTA IS PASTA" and I say "STOP YELLING AT ME".

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