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Nintendo Cutting Employee Bonuses By 20% – Report

Nintendo is cutting back employee bonuses by 20% this summer.


EA Pledging Wii U Support, Deny’s They Are Neglecting The Platform

CVG speaks with EA about the Wii U and their support.


Rumor: Wii U Price $300, Nintendo Land Pack In

GoNintendo is reporting the Wii U will be $300 and come packed with Nintendo Land.


Black Ops II Confirmed For Wii U

The newest Call of Duty has been confirmed for Nintendo's new HD console.


2012 NFL Rookies Talk Favorite Video Game Characters

Some top picks in this year's NFL draft talk about who'd they'd pick as their favorite video game character.


Quick Look: Nintendo Selects Pikmin 2

Is Pikmin 2 on the Wii worth your time?


League Of Legends Hacked, Personal Information Stolen

Personal info stolen, steps inside to minimize damage.


Elder Scrolls Skyrim Update 1.6 Is Live For Xbox Owners

Xbox owners get the Skyrim update which has horse mounted combat and a load of bug fixes.


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Demo

Luigi's newest outing looks a lot better than the first!


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Bug Fixes, Features Update

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has some bugs fixed and features added