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The game makes it easy to see you leveled up.

Taiwan Teen Dies After 40 Hour Diablo 3 Marathon

A 40 hour marathon of the game proved fatal for the 18 year old player.


Blizzard CEO Talks Diablo 3 Issues

Diablo 3 had a lot of issues post launch - here's an explanation.


Vivendi Might Have Possible Buyers For Activision/Blizzard

Warner Brothers Entertainment and Microsoft are the top potential buyers as of now.

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Diablo 3 Users Not Getting Experience Points

Diablo 3 has a nasty bug that doesn't let users gain experience.


Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.2b Is Now Live

The latest patch for Diablo is now ready for download


Diablo 3 User Accounts May Have Been Compromised

Diablo 3 users need to make sure their personal info is safe


Diablo 3 on the PS3? German Site Shows Game.

Is the cat out of the bag for a console version of Diablo 3?


The Truth: The Indignity Of Being Nerfed

Sometimes being great at a game is fleeting

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Diablo 3: Stats, Stats, Stats

On the official Diablo 3 blog, Blizzard has posted some interesting stats since Diablo III’s release. The following were highlighted on the blog: Source: Diablo III blog.


Diablo 3: Game Design Updates and Changes Are Coming

Diablo 3 is getting more updates to fix imbalances throughout the game