The Wii U Controller Has A New Design

Posted May 20, 2012 by in Latest Rumors

Headline:: The Wii U Controller Has A New Design

Forget E3, check out the final version of the Wii U’s controller now.

by Jason Moquin
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With E3 right around the corner Nintendo is looking to dazzle audiences with it’s new console the Wii U, while much about it has been under wraps the final design of the controller has been made public accidentally over Twitter.

A tester at Travelers Tales Games posted a picture of a more up to date Wii U controller with analogue sticks instead of nubs, there seems to be a reset button next to the power indicator, and the start and select buttons have been moved to the side of the controller.

Here’s the old controller:

This is the controller Nintendo has shown off from the start.

Here’s the updated Wii U controller:

Wii U final controller

The final version of the Wii U controller? Sure looks like it

Also look at the new controller, it’s actually branded with the Wii U logo, something we haven’t seen on any prototype of the controller to this point.

The user removed the picture and everything associated with the picture but we were able to capture this image before it was taken down.

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