Spencer Says Xbox 360 Has More Than Two Years Left

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Phil Spencer talks about the longevity of the Xbox 360

by Jason Moquin
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In a recent interview at E3 with Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer the questions turned towards the state of the Xbox 360 console.

Spencer was quick to address what he sees as the current console’s life cycle and he thinks the Xbox 360 still got a lot of gas left in the tank.

From Gamespot’s article,

“Microsoft entered this space with the original Xbox 11 years ago and we’re committed for the long-term,” Spencer told GameSpot during an E3 interview this week. “The nice thing about the Xbox 360 right now is–if you look–we’re the number one console globally, we’re able to bring in new content and still support the best of the core games.”

“It’s a platform that has really reached scale; this is the time when you really see the great content showing up. The future in a lot of way is always tomorrow: [things like] the Smartglass technology and Windows 8 [show that] things are going to constantly evolve. The world where everything gets centered around one console and when that comes out: we kind of have to evolve away from just thinking about that, [especially] with the service-based nature of games today.”

“Right now the Xbox 360 is really healthy and it’s doing incredibly well. I think the 360 has a lot more than two years [left]. It has legs for a long time.”

It sounds like Microsoft is going to see just how far they can take the Xbox 360 and that means we may not see a new console at next year’s E3

Source: Gamespot

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