Sony Online Entertainment Announces New Title Bullet Run

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Headline:: Sony Online Entertainment Announces New Title Bullet Run

A new Free to Play team based shooter is coming to the PC this summer.

by Haziq Agha
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Sony’s slew of new intellectual properties this generation continues with another new game entitled Bullet Run. Bullet Run is a team-based shooter that will be landing on the PC via developer, ACONY Games and publishing company Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

The game is about putting players into a reality TV show where they fight other players with the aims of getting fame and glory. There are a large amount of options available in the game. These range from customizing characters for unique looks, to choosing what weapons you want and more.

Some of the other features in the game include the ability for users to use Kill Skills. These Kill Skills are described as attributes that can do certain things such as healing, providing more strength, creating traps, etc. The game also features a heat system that allows players to level up quickly by taunting and humiliating foes. Along with this, there is the ability to use an active reload system (much like the Gears of War series) which provides you with quicker reloads to help you get a slight advantage in the game.

As of now, the game allows for 20 players to play with each other in over 6 maps.

Source: EuroGamer.


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