Sakurai: New Smash Bros Might Need New Direction, Tweets Artwork

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Headline:: Sakurai: New Smash Bros Might Need New Direction, Tweets Artwork
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The new Smash Bros will have a new direction.

by Haziq Agha
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Masahiro Sakurai had an interview with Nintendo Power in their newest issue. He talked a bit about the upcoming Super Smash Bros project on the 3DS and Wii U and had the following to say.

It isn’t a matter of ‘if the next game has 50 characters, that’ll be enough.’ There is a certain charm to games that have huge casts of playable characters, but they tend to have issues with game balance and it becomes very difficult to fine-tune each character and have them all feel distinctive…. In terms of quantity, we’ve probably already reached the limit of what’s feasible. I think a change of direction may be what’s needed.

It does seem like the series needs some new direction. Melee and Brawl are fundamentally the same with minor differences in speed, characters, stages and items. Nintendo is also partnering up with Namco Bandai for the new Smash Bros games, so perhaps their expertise and thought process and provide Nintendo with some new direction.


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