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Legendary video game design Shigeru Miyamoto spoke with EDGE magazine regarding Sony’s latest handheld. Although Miyamoto praised the Vita for it’s high specs, he does not see how the platform has created any value to consumers.

“It’s obviously a very hi-spec machine, and you can do lots of things with it,” states Miyamoto. “But I don’t really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product.”

It’s obviously a very hi-spec machine, and you can do lots of things with it[...]

Miyamoto went on to talk about how the 3DS suffered from many of the same problems as the Vita is currently facing. “When we launched the 3DS hardware we didn’t have Super Mario 3D Land, we didn’t have Mario Kart 7, we didn’t have Kid Icarus: Uprising,” he said. “We were striving to have all of these ready for the launch, but we weren’t able to deliver them at that time.”

The 3DS also suffered during it’s launch, until Nintendo intervened and slashed the price by US$80 a mere four months later. As a result of the price drop and holiday software, Nintendo saw sales growths and has been on pace to recover nicely from the abysmal launch.

We were kind of hoping that people would, nevertheless, buy into the product, find 3DS hardware promising, but looking back we have to say we realise the key software was missing when we launched the hardware.

Since the Vita’s launch in December (Japan) and February in the West, The Vita has been suffering from poor sales globally. However, things might take a turn for the better with the release of Gravity Rush next month, one of the more hotly anticapted Vita titles.

Source: EDGE Online.

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