Metro Last Light Not Confirmed For Wii U Anymore

Posted May 29, 2012 by in Latest News

Headline:: Metro Last Light Not Confirmed For Wii U Anymore

Metro Last Light has been de-confirmed for Nintendo’s newest console.

by Haziq Agha
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According to DigitalSpy Canada, Metro Last Light is no longer making it’s way to the Wii U. While talking to THQ’s Global Brand Manager Mark Madsen, he states that a port “could” still happen, but it would be correct to say that the game is no longer confirmed for Nintendo’s newest console.

“If it does happen, it won’t sim-ship with the other SKUs, but if the opportunity arises we’ll take a look at it.” ┬áMadsen also talked about if they prematurely revealed the title at E3, stating he didn’t think it was too early to show it in the third party trailer.

“As we got along in the development process,we just really wanted to focuson what we knew, focuson PS3, 360 and PC,” he explained.

Part of the reason might have to do with THQ’s poor financial performance as of late, meaning the publisher has to downsize on certain projects.

Source: DigitalSpy.

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