Iwata Doubtful About PS4/Xbox 3′s Graphical Leap, Talks About SmartGlass and Vita

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Headline:: Iwata Doubtful About PS4/Xbox 3's Graphical Leap, Talks About SmartGlass and Vita

Satoru Iwata is confident that the next generation of consoles will not present us with a large graphical leap like the Wii to 360/PS3 did.

by Haziq Agha
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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata believes that Microsoft and Sony’s next generation consoles will not provide a graphical leap that users have come to expect. While speaking  The Telegraph, he talked about the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, as well as what he thought about their second screen options.

“If they decide to increase the spec numbers, will the consumers be able to realise the difference enough so that they can understand it’s much superior to today’s machine?” Iwata feels that the average is not going to see a huge graphical difference if Microsoft and Sony make more powerful consoles.

“[...] if also, if they beef up the processing power, that simply means much more work for software developers to take advantage of those spec numbers. So I have to ask the question if that type of differentiation really makes sense. But I think further arguments must wait until probably next year, when they have finalised and disclosed whatever they are thinking about for the next generation of consoles.”

Nintendo has been persistent in the past that they are not willing to add to the rising development costs of the industry, so the Wii U being similar to the 360 and the PS3 makes sense.

Iwata also further commented about how Microsoft had introduced SmartGlass, and how Sony is using the Vita as a second screen as well.

“After our showing of motion control, it took three years for other companies to follow suit. But this time it’s just one year after our proposal, even before we’ve released the actual product. I think that proves the great potential of what we showed last year.”

However, unlike the motion control counterparts, Iwata stressed that what Nintendo is doing is vastly different than what Microsoft and Sony are proposing.

“However, I have to point out that there are essential differences between what we are doing and what other companies are doing. The main difference is that anyone who has a Wii U will be able to enjoy the two screen experience, while the other companies are saying its optional, but only if you have this device or that device.”

Whether or not the new PlayStation and Xbox will be a vast upgrade to their predecessors has yet to be seen. However, it definitely does seem like with the recent unveiling of the Unreal Engine 4 demo that the upgrade next generation will not bas a significant as the Wii vs 360/PS3.

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