GamesCom: PS Vita 2.2 Million World Wide

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Headline:: GamesCom: PS Vita 2.2 Million World Wide

2.2 million world wide – Perhaps Sony will rebound this winter?

by Haziq Agha
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Sony’s PlayStation boss in Germany has stated that the PS Vita has only sold 2.2 million units world wide as of August.

The rough translation (which is barely understandable) is below. We think it basically means the Vita should have also targeted a younger audience and that Sony messed up marketing the device.

Sony has admitted for the first time error in the marketing of the PlayStation Vita, as Sony PlayStation Germany boss Uwe Bassendowski expressed at gamescom.

Especially that you have surpassed the younger crowd ignored, an error was that one would now be reversed. According Bassendowski we will adjust the advertising for the PS Vita and new trim on the younger audience as well as a stronger presence in the appropriate media to be.

Furthermore confirmed Bassendowski that you could now sell 2.2 million units worldwide. More detailed figures for Germany it is not.

What is odd is the PS Vita sold 1.8 million world wide by March, since then it has only gained 0.4 million units sold. Not much in the span of 5 months.


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