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Headline:: Activision/Bungie Game "Destiny" Leaked - 4 MMO Sci-Fi FPS

Bungie’s latest title plans have been leaked! Wahoo!

by Haziq Agha
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Bungie’s latest projects have been leaked. Yes, that’s right – I said projects. According to legal documents, the developers new title (codenamed “Destiny”) which is part of a deal with Activision, will have 4 parts to it. ┬áDetails are listed below:

The release schedules for each of the four titles and their expansion packs were also leaked. Destiny 1 through 4 will be released in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively, with four expansion packs (code named comet) will be released in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020. The games will be retail titles and will include DLC, subscription fees, microtransactions and value added services.

As of the report, the first game will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox360 and the nextt Xbox console, however Activision and Bungie are considering the PS3 version for 2014. The second title is planned for a 360, new xbox, PS4 and Windows PC release. However, the contract drafted between Activision and Bungie notes that some SKUs might be dropped if they are not financially viable or technically viable.

Other details of the contract include the ability for Activision to terminate the contract without any penalty if Destiny does not sell more than 5 million units in the first six months of release, as well as any other reason Activision sees fit.

Source: LA Times Activision/Bungie Document.

Source: LA Times.

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