FREE: Max Effect by Big Giant Circles

Posted May 3, 2012 by in Free

Jimmy “Big Giant Circles” Hinson was going through his music and found a gem that any Mass Effect fan would be incomplete without, best of all he’s letting anyone have it for free.

Says Hinson,

“A collection of Mass Effect 1 remixes written in 2008 before I joined Wall of Sound. These are just alternate takes on some of the themes from the game, not at all intended to imitate the mood or style of the music. Think of it as “just for fun”. People still do that from time to time, right? :)

This album is dedicated to my friends at Wall of Sound (Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, David Kates, and Brian DiDomenico) and also my friends at OverClocked ReMix, who created the original outlet for amazing video game remixes.”

You can listen to the tracks below and click on the album name to go over to his site and download your copy today.

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