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7.4/ 10

Release Date: May 3rd, 2012
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Loads of content, easy to control interface


Sounds may annoy some users

We review Cat Frenzy from Teyon.

by Jason Moquin
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Here’s something about me, I’m a cat person. While I love all animals, when the whole “Dog vs Cat” debate goes on I stand firmly in place behind the feline crowd.

Along with that I also love puzzles so when I laid my eyes on Cat Frenzy I had high hopes.

I can safety say that my high hopes were not unwarranted.

Cat Frenzy is a puzzle game from the folks over at Teyon and the premise is simple, match three or more of a kind and have them removed from the board. Cat Frenzy’s hook is that you’ll be matching cats, or cat heads to be more exact.<a href=””><img title=”cat” alt=”" src=”×200.png” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>

The game is split into two gameplay options, missions and quick play, I’ll tackle quick play first.

The board is laid out in an 8×8 grid with six different kinds of cats that you have to match. In order to make a match you need to have three or more cats of the same color. To make a match you use the stylus and drag cats left or right to make matches either vertically or horizontally.

Along the way you’ll find cats that have fish in their mouths and when you make a match with one of these all cats of that color will be removed from the board. Lastly there’s cats in a can, when you make a match with one of these cats you’ll get an extra stock of cats.

You use the stock to add cats to the grid if you’re unable to make matches. If you’re unable to make matches and you’re out of stock you lose the game.

Missions are different scenarios with a set objective that you need to accomplish before you can progress to the next mission. It covers everything you need to do in the game from matching three of a kind to causing multiple chains of matches increasing your overall score.

The music in the game is on a loop and while it’s a peppy song the fact that it repeats on and on doesn’t make you very fond of it, thankfully there’s an option to play with no music.

<a href=””><img title=”cat2″ alt=”" src=”×200.png” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>The sound is a tricky one and here’s why. Each time you touch a cat it makes a different cat noise like a “meow” or a purring sound and when you get a match it makes a loud screaming cat noise. Personally I love this more then I do most things on the planet but for the average user this could be annoying after some time.

For me I never had a problem with it and even found myself tabbing various cats on the board just to make up little songs. I don’t expect most players to do this and I don’t expect most players to enjoy these sounds but thankfully for those who don’t appreciate a game filled with cat noises it’s possible to turn them off.

The graphics in the game are basic hand drawn pictures that look good. It’s easy to differentiate between all the different cat types.

A nice feature is the option to save while you’re playing a puzzle. Even on the hardest difficulty you’ll play for a while before the puzzles get especially tough so it’s nice to be able to save your game and restart when you’re a level 34 rather then having to go through the easier lower levels again.

<strong>Why it may be helpful for people with anxiety</strong>
<li>Easy to pick up and play</li>
<li>lots of content</li>
<li>Stylus controls are simple and intuitive</li>

<strong>Why it may be unhelpful for people with anxiety</strong>
<li>If you have cold or numb hands controlling with the stylus could be difficult</li>
<li>3DS must be held sideways so you’ll have to hold it while playing, you can’t set it on a table.</li>

<strong>Why you should be playing this game</strong>

Did I mention that Cat Frenzy is 1.99 in the eshop? For the amount of content in this game that’s a great deal. There’s solid puzzle solving action in the mission portion of the game and the quick play offers endless playing trying to get the high score. Teyon seems to have found the knack for making inexpensive games that do one trick but they do them very while making them affordable.

Even if you prefer dog over cats there’s a lot to like in Cat Frenzy.

This review was based on the DS version that was provided by the publisher.

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