The Truth: Sony’s E3 Playstation Plus Embarrassment

Posted June 5, 2012 by in The Truth

Headline:: Sony's E3 Playstation Plus Embarrassment

Only Sony would give something free to people already getting it for free.

by Jason Moquin
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It turns out that the reason there was so much applause for certain things in the Sony E3 conference (and the Playstation Plus announcement) is that according to this video about 24 mins in, Sony flew in bloggers to get a home field advantage. This is why they erupted for the Playstation Plus announcement, they weren’t in the industry and were not getting the games for free.

Please note I did not have that information when I write this piece.

I’m watching Sony’s E3 presentation and the show inevitably turns to the Playstation Plus.

Now I’ll tell you right off the bat that I am not a fan of the service because I see it as a rental service more then anything since when you stop paying your “free” games go away. Couple that with the inability to buy the games you’re already getting for “free” so when you stop your subscription you have actual games left to play.

Wait. Who gets a free year?

So I’m not a fan.

That being said I always keep an open mind and I’m interested in what changes happen to it so I was particularly interested when Playstation Plus was talked about. Nothing changed much but then Jack Tretton blew my mind, he said in order to show how good Playstation Plus is everyone in he audience was getting a year for free.


Isn’t E3′s thing that it’s only the industry?

So going on that everyone there is an established entity in the industry and that means most there are already getting review copies of all of the stuff on Playstation Plus.

And then something even stranger happened

They all applauded like crazy!

I’m surprised that no one ran up to the mic and starting saying “do you believe in miracles?”

It was such a surreal moment and unless something even stranger happens this is what I’m going to take from this year’s E3. Unless Iwata turns to ‘Moto and says “To show you how good Nintendo is we’ll give you a year’s worth of Nintendo titles” nothing will top this.

I expected Jack Tretton to say “to show you all how great Playstation Plus is all members get one free month” and after he said “a year free for members of the game industry in attendance” I expected that to fall on deaf ears but instead everyone cheered like we just beat the Soviet Union in hockey. I’m surprised that no one ran up to the mic and starting saying “do you believe in miracles?”

Sony once again shows that it’s missing that important cog in their machine, giving a free month to all users would have shown Sony’s fans that Sony is really interested in customer feedback from the service.

As far as everyone in attendance applauding, I can’t blame them.

Everybody loves free stuff.

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