The Truth: Nintendo Wii U Conference Pre E3 Explained

Posted June 3, 2012 by in The Truth

Headline:: The Truth: Nintendo Wii U Conference Pre E3 Explained

Nintendo is trying a new approach to solve it’s E3 woes.

by Jason Moquin
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It’s Sunday June 3rd and E3 for all intensive purposes is starting today. I know this because I and 20 million of my friends popped open their email yesterday and saw this email from Nintendo,

This just in, get pre E3 information on Wii U

So I’m like “ok, that’s a thing”

Then this morning eating my breakfast it hits me…


As I explained earlier, Nintendo needs the casual for the Wii U to survive, that is their core. The problem is that the smaller sects of people who only buy Nintendo products for the Mario and the Link are a vocal bunch and they hate that their grandparents, not them, are the target audience for Nintendo products.

“look at our silly faces while we play all these games in an Ikea ad”

This week Nintendo is going to have a big show at E3 and is going to try to excite the masses with it’s new hardware and software and most of it’s going to be presented in the family friendly “look at our silly faces while we play all these games in an Ikea ad” way. The smaller sects of fans hate these sort of presentations with a passion and are quick on the draw to run to their nearest message board and type in things like “NINTENDO ISN’T HARDCORE” or “CASUALS KILLED NINTENDO”.

So what does Nintendo do to solve this problem?

They send out an email that says “hey fans who care about us enough to follow E3 happenings, we’re going to show you the Wii U and what it can do before the big show.” It’s the classic “why do you want that little dime when you can have this great big nickel?” scenario.

This way when their E3 presentation comes around this week and it’s aimed primarily at the casual when the message boards light up with “NINTENDO LEFT US”, because you know as well as I do that someone is going to post it, another person can say “hey what about what they showed off Sunday” and that of course will fall on deaf ears but hopefully it’ll stop the flames before they get worse.

What Nintendo is doing is brilliant, they know those two demographics don’t play well together so they’re separating them and they’re making their smaller market seem more important by having this “private” Nintendo Wii U conference before E3 starts. Then once that’s over they can get to their real E3 show aimed it’s main demographic showing off to their casual core in pieces that will be readily absorbed and delivered on Good Morning America and other mainstream news shows.

Kudos on the plan Nintendo, let’s see if it works.

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