GAA: Bit.Trip Runner IN REAL LIFE!

Posted June 22, 2012 by in GAA

Headline:: GAA: Bit.Trip Runner IN REAL LIFE!

Running sucks. Bit.Trip doesn’t.

by Jordan Elek
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Last week, for the first time in about ten years, I decided to go running. I’m already in pretty good shape, so I figured that a two-mile run around the neighborhood would be pretty simple. So off I ran, just me and the road, no need for headphones because I already had a song in my head.

After half a mile, I could barely breathe or even walk. So much for that.

I felt like a loser, and as I shamefully trudged back home, all I could do was listen to the song in my head. This song, to be exact:

Bit.Trip Core is an insanely hard game. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around how the game worked at first because it was so different from anything I’ve ever played. The little dots flying around the screen moved too quickly and sporadically to keep track of well enough to .. destroy? Capture? I don’t even know what you do to the dots. All I know is that when you press a button as the dots hit your d-pad line, they disappear and create notes in the song.

Once I was able to hit enough notes by pure chance, the song began to form and cement itself in my mind. Each time I went back to it, I was able to get a little bit farther before failing. Then, finally, on the morning before my run, I beat it. And I destroyed the high score.

So as I was walking, lungs burning and legs throbbing, the song began to whittle away at my discouragement. The first time I played Bit.Trip Core, I sucked. I failed almost immediately. But I kept at it and improved just enough each day to keep me motivated. By the time I reached the third and final stage, I beat it in only a few tries.

Maybe after a few weeks of trying, I’ll be able to run those two miles around the neighborhood. Until then, I’ll be playing the next game in my Bit.Trip journey – Bit.Trip Runner. Yeah, I know, how convenient.

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