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Headline:: EA Sports Active 2: Military Prep

After a year of inactivity, EA Sports Active 2 got the ball rolling on a healthy start to getting back in shape for post-college military service.

by Triq Wenserby
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Don’t you love when games provide you with an experience that actually translates to something positive in other aspects of your life? You know, stuff like driving skills (GTA), decision making (Mass Effect), dragon shouting (Skyrim), and even more unrealistically: exercise.

Real life application #1: Dragon Shouting in public makes everyone around the caster laugh at what a nerd the caster is.

For those who haven’t stalked the contributors yet on the contributor page, I’m a soon-to-be graduate of Texas Tech University planning on joining the U.S. Army after graduation. Whether this will be as an Officer or as an Enlisted Specialist is up to fate, but what is in my hands is getting in shape for basic training after more than a year of very little exercise.

I used to be very physically active, ran regularly, worked out, etc. However, work, school, and a marriage later have left me out of shape with less than one year to get into the best shape of my life.

How do I go about that in a balanced way to prevent stress fractures from getting back into it too quickly? EA Sports Active 2! Thankfully for me, I don’t have to worry about pushing myself too hard too early, Active 2 does this for me by providing a regimented program with a three week goal of kickstarting cardiovascular health for a good workout start, followed by a nine week program to get into shape. I’ve been following this program for the past week, substituting the resistance band for my own dumbbells, and I must say ┬áit feels great. I’ve lost a few pounds already and already have increased energy and stamina, all thanks to a video game that most gamers would dismiss as a casual cash grab.

So thank you EA Sports Active 2 for being awesome, you’re transforming this out of shape civilian into a future soldier!

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